Julie Simon is an experiential confectionary artist.

Her work brings brings delight, imagination, and magic – flowers bloom, carousel horses turn, hot air balloons take flight. Dreams are spun from sugar and air.

The moment you cut your cake is suspended in time - the moment you will remember forever.

It is much more than dessert. It experience that delights the senses of taste, memory, smell, and sound. 

A Grand Finale…
A Mysterious Reveal…
A Prestige….

Our Cakes

We believe that every cake should taste as good as it looks. The finest chocolate, Madagascar vanilla beans, essence of orange blossom and rose petals.

All senses are delighted - sight, smell, taste, and touch

Through scheduling a tasting and consultation, you will learn why working with Julie Simon is a different experience than anything you've had before. 

While we are based in Los Angeles, California, we have a global clientele and are able to travel with cakes to distant locales.